Horse Bedding – 20 Kg Bags


Double Dust Extracted, Highly Absorbent Recycled Cardboard Horse Bedding, Soft Lie and Traps Odours, For Ultimate Horse Health


Business with a social mission

20 – 35 on a Pallet


Please Note Ecoshed Bed is currently delivered throughout Northern Ireland in 25 Kilo Bales.  We have prices ranging from £7 a bale ex yard.  The prices listed below are prices including haulage.  If you reside in Northern Ireland please contact us on our chatbot and we can serve you better.  If you reside in the U.K. mainland we do deliiver on Pallets.

This is our Horse Bedding  site.  If you have come here looking for small pet bedding please go to our sister site for more information for small pets.

Ecoshred Bed Soft Recycled Cardboard Horse Bedding.

Award winning animal bedding Made from factory second egg cartons that have NOT been used for eggs, they fail to make supplier standards because of an aesthetic defect. They have been heat treated in the factory up to 200`F (all bacteria is killed) and have multiple and rigorous safety testing – we use GRADE A packaging waste, the only grade that should be used for animal bedding in accordance with guidance from the environment agency. Ecoshred Bed has been through a multitude of scientific testing to be an assured quality for your best friends. We want the best quality assured comfort for your horse or pony, while helping our planet and people with an identified need gain employment. Thanks for taking the time to check out our Ecoshred Bed listings!


… Highly absorbent due to the nature of the egg cartons, that are designed for soakage meaning you get longer from your bedding and more odour control for the health of your horse and the surrounding environment

… Double Dust Extracted for respiratory health

… Great fun colours – colour will vary

… Easy to clean out and remove less (instructions below)

… Biodegradable, small shred and soiling gives cardboard ideal conditions to break down fast

… Makes great, warm mulch as a secondary use after animal bedding

… Can be disposed of in your brown bin for excellent compost along with the packaging

Choosing Ecoshred has huge environmental benefits:Saving reusable material from being added to landfill. Saving reusable material traveling as far as China to be disposed of. 100% recycled material, less trees harvested. More biodegradable than other bedding (biodegrades in months not years!), and makes great compost.

Recycled product means colour will vary but we hope you will love the extra funky colours as much as our horses do, it sure does brighten up a stable!

Please see our seperate listing if you want to purchase Ecoshred Bed as a single item, or contact us about our offers on Ecoshred Bed and Ecoshred chopped organic hay.

Preparation and Usage

How to help your Horse or Pony adjust to EcoShred Bed Bedding?

With new bedding it is important to give your animal time to adjust to the new bedding. Your pet will adjust quicker if you mix this bedding with existing bedding for 1-2 weeks. Slowly remove previous bedding and replace with Ecoshred Bed when cleaning the enclosure.

Customers have reported that they can add one bag of Ecoshred Bed a week to maintain their stables.  Some need more depending on the horse.  The shred size is easy cleaned and falls throgh a shavings fork.  The urine/wet patches are easily identified and taken out as they clump in one area.

Bag – Recycleable plastic bag. If you live local please return your bags for reuse!

Many thanks for reading this and taking the time to understand what you are getting when you purchase Ecoshred Bed. A whole lot of extra comfort for your horses and ponies and a whole lot of extra comfort for you knowing that you have helped people and the environment when you choose Ecoshred Bed – The ethical choice!

The impact we make Behind The Stable Door
Ecoshred bed is made by people with an identified social need at Behind The Stable Door social farm in Ireland. By purchasing Ecoshred bed you are helping people into training and employment were their opportunities are limited. Your Ecoshred Bed will come with a personal thankyou card and small story about who you have supported in your choice to buy Ecoshred Bed. See our videos on our About Us pages to see  how Ecoshred Bed is made and for a closer look at the wonderful people making it for you!
Use our chatbot to ask any further questions!

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