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Welcome to Behind the stable door

Hello and Thank you for visiting us  Behind The Stable Door – where our real-life work meets the power of learning from each other! From our humble beginnings as a social farm in 2018, we’ve come a long way and we are always proud to continue to showcase our unwavering dedication to social and environmental sustainability through our work.

Our mission remains the same – to provide a place for all to be involved whilst making every step we take a positive one towards the health of our community and environment, we’re also committed to inspiring the next generation , and what better way to inspire that action than through the power of a good story about how we tackle challenges together?

We’re always seeking like-minded partners who share our vision for equality and sustainability. Be it corporate partners or those who just have a good story to share. So, join us on our adventures and let’s make a difference together! 

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Everybody has a story to tell, thank you for being here and checking out our stories, please feel free to share yours with us!


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          We Recycle, Reuse, Repurpose, and Reinvest, Giving it all our very Best

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Waste Nought

Ideas for innovative sustainable products begin to flourish in our minds.

With Thought

You realise the potential for conservation and thought within your own lifestyle.

A Lot

Millions of ways to reuse what we waste waiting to be put into action by us.

Can Be Taught

Lets help teach each other how to reuse waste and our impact will grow and grow.